Over ten years ago, f13.net was birthed out of the shallow grave where waterthread.org rested. Though we’ve had some bumps along the way, here we are – 11 years older. Having somehow outlived even the most reasonable “time of death” expectations, we find ourselves with a vastly different gaming landscape than what we once knew. Massively multiplayer games are everywhere now. Independent gaming has become a more reliable source of entertainment than institutions such as Capcom, Konami, and Sega. Steam has become the de facto source for acquiring games on the PC. Valve may be entering the living room and Kickstarter recently fueled the creation of a $99 “console.”  Things have changed and so have we.


We’re tired of writing about bad games. We’re tired of telling developers they’ve thrown away years of their life making something that is just unbelievably terrible. That horse has been soundly beaten. There’s simply nothing left to say.


Frankly, we ain’t got time for that shit anyway.


We’ve grown tired of playing bad games. We’ve grown older and have become more patient in some respects and less so in others. Many of the staff members here are married now. Some are getting married. Some have kids that are almost old enough to find f13 on their own. We’ve come to value what limited time we have to play games. You can be damned sure we’re going to enjoy it.


f13.net is going to do what it should have done years ago. As of September 1st, 2013, we will no longer be giving bad games any publicity. When f13.net requests to review a game (or buys one out of pocket) it will be because we are genuinely interested and believe the game has some level of merit. Sometimes, rarely, we’re wrong. When we are, you’re simply not going to find out. We’re not going to inundate our users or the public with a bunch of filler material about crappy entertainment. Those games will simply go silently into the night – forgotten, as they should be.


When we enjoy a game, we’ll write up some words. A few hundred at most. Good games should stand on their own, games journalism isn’t an art. It’s not even journalism. It’s one person inflicting their opinion on a bunch of people. As such, we’re going to be keeping our forays into taste-setting as minimal as possible.


Maybe you’ll agree with some of our decisions. Maybe you won’t. That’s OK too. All we want is for our readers (and everybody) to think a little harder about how they’re going to spend their money. Play better games.


We’re going to continue with our promise of being advertisement free. We’ve never been beholden to a publisher or ad agency nor will we ever. In addition, we will never have a required membership fee. We’ve lasted this long with no primary investor and we’d like to keep it that way. At the top of the screen is a donate button. Behind it you can donate an individual amount or sign up for a small monthly donation. We’re not gonna force your hand, but we’re certainly not about to turn down donations. Most of us have food on our table, but what little money we get throughout the year will allow us to buy more games when a developer won’t deliver. OK, full disclosure, it might put some food on schild’s table. The rest of us are doing OK.


From all of us here at f13.net: Here’s to another decade of profanity-laden, honest content.


P.S. We’re back.