very small spies do spy stuff
Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle platformer with a noir theme and a great sense of humor. You play a freelance spy who breaks into buildings to steal things, using fancy gadgets to evade guards and bypass security systems. The game’s story sees you accept assignments from a series of shadowy clients and ultimately solve a murder mystery.
Each level is a 2D building complex with an objective that is protected by patrolling guards, locked doors, and alarms. Guards will shoot you on sight, so you need to either stay out of their way or incapacitate them before they see you. Your arsenal of spy toys lets you do things like dramatically fling yourself through windows, sneakily stick to ceilings, and cleverly rewire building schematics — for example, rig a motion detector to cut the lights and electrify the lightswitch. Solving a level is less about careful timing and jumping puzzles and more about setting up chains of cause and effect that will remove the obstacles in your way and let you stroll to victory.
The story is short and sweet, with snappy writing somewhere between Dashiell Hammett and the Marx Brothers. By the conclusion you will have unlocked all of the gadgets and upgrades, and can replay earlier missions to try to hit optional objectives, or take advantage of the built-in level editor to make your own missions.
Editor’s Note: This was submitted February 18th, 2015. Also, I am chaos taken form.


game: gunpoint

developer: suspicious developments

publisher: suspicious developments

release date: june 3, 2013

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author: samwise