dance away the dead weight
Crypt of the Necrodancer is half roguelike and half rhythm game. Here’s how it works: you’re making your way through a dungeon scattered with random loot and monsters, everything is turn-based, and each monster moves in a pattern. Once you learn the patterns you can easily avoid the monsters’ attacks. The catch is that the turns happen to the beat of the soundtrack, so you don’t have forever to think about where to move. If you hesitate or lose the rhythm, you miss your action and your loot multiplier resets.
The control scheme is very simple, using only the four arrow keys (or a DDR pad if you’re really dedicated). Move into a monster to attack, activate items and spells with two-arrow combinations. Since there’s no complicated inventory management it doesn’t have the full depth of a classic roguelike, but combined with the rhythm element it’s enough to make a challenging game with excellent replay value.
Fun extras include: unlockable characters that make the game harder, local co-op, custom soundtrack of your choosing (thanks to built in beat detection software), map editor, and mod support. Technically it’s Early Access as of this writing and more is still being added, but it’s a solid game as is and worth your dollars.
Editor’s Note: This review was not published February 17th, 2015 when it was submitted. You can’t control me.


game: crypt of the necrodancer

developer: brace yourself games

publisher: brace yourself games

release date: july 30, 2014

other games like it: nothing, really.

author: samwise