the incredible edible adventures of an under-dressed ghost
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (henceforth VH2) is a bizarre under-developed screensaver for your brain. It exhibits nearly none of the polish of Diablo 3. Loading takes forever. There’s a bunch of weird over-designed arcane systems spread out over a giant hideout that could’ve been attached to three pieces of furniture. There’s a bunch of grossly inconsistent spawn issues. Many of the mobs are brain-dead awful. You ghost companion teeters between annoying and super annoying. Finally, the pathing is pretty horrific.
That said, it’s a lot of fun. The impact of criticals is just as good as Diablo 3. The loot is a bit more fun than Diablo 3. Have I said Diablo 3 enough? I’ve been playing it to take a break from post-Reaper Diablo 3. That may be its biggest strength, it provides much of the same entertainment, but isn’t Diablo 3.
Rather, it’s Titan Quest in elaborate steampunk clothing. Yes, that’s it. It’s Titan Quest 2 “the Not Grim Dawn” Edition.
Do you like Diablo 3? Great. If not, that’s cool too. Did you like Titan Quest? If you answered yes to both of these (or just the Titan Quest question), pick up VH2. If you answered no, then there’s a fair chance ARPGs bore you as this is pretty much in the upper echelons of Hit Monster Get Loot as a genre. Oh, and it has co-op if you’re into that sort of thing.


game: the incredible adventures of van helsing ii

developer: neocore games

publisher: neocore games

release date: may 22, 2014

other games like it: the incredible adventures of van helsing (from neocore games), titan quest (iron lore entertainment)

author: schild