risk of rain
Do you like shooting things? Do you like shooting lots of things? Do you like shooting lots of things in semi-randomized environments?
The object is pretty simple: pick from a list of unlockable classes, shoot the things and gather unique items to survive while pushing your luck against the clock to escape a hostile planet. As you kill enemies you gather cash which lets you open various chests and shrines that dot the areas to gain items that provide unique benefits that will improve your chances of survival. The sheer amount of unlockable items and their synergies with the classes provides a surprising amount of replayability even for a game designed to kill you over and over.
The real unique element here is the clock: as you play it is ever ticking on, and every 5 minutes (on normal) the difficulty level ticks up which lets the game spawn more and ever tougher enemies. This forces you make quick decisions: do I grind some more and explore to find more chests to gear up? Or do I book it for the exit portal to avoid getting ran over by a zoo of enemies?
Once you get the game down and get a good run going, this game is catharthis squared. Finding a good set of items that synergize with your class will have you filling the screen with a clusterfuck of explosions, fire, death, and coins as you finally show the game who’s boss.
Highly recommended. Did I mention it has multiplayer?


game: risk of rain

developer: hopoo games

publisher: chucklefish

release date: november 19, 2013

other games like it: teleglitch (from test3 projects), hammerwatch (from jochum skoglund and niklas myrberg)

author: fabricated